Batman vs Catwoman

Did another shoot for my Geekrotica project at the weekend and once again lost my focus 😕 and tried to shoot things differently. Bit worried now that the book is going to be all types and style so really need to spend the next few days collecting everything I have and checking it all work together as one cohesive project lol. Got to use the Baman mask at last, but unfortunately it is for a man and womens heads seems to be a tad smaller but really like the darker look. Cat woman mask always works 🙂 Have about 300 shots to go threw so prepare to be bombarded with fun images.

12148-491839871-1 12148-1766416767

Street Dance

Before the big protest on the 5th November I found these amazing guys putting on a performance in Trafalgar Square. Was so gutted I didn’t have my camera flash with me because at that time the sun had started to go down and I really needed a fast shutter speed as these guys threw their bodies around with awesome agility. If you see them check out their routine, I’ve always found street dance amazing and these guys are right up there


Anonymous protest – London

Last night saw the annual anonymous protest take place again in London, starting from Trafalgar Square and working its way down to Parliament and on to Buckingham Palace and from there, well, all over London. Here are the first selection of shots, I have a few hundred to go through

Protest Protest2 Protest3 Protest4 Protest5 Protest6 Protest7 Protest8 Protest9 Protest10 Protest11 Untitled-2 Untitled-22