The loves of my life apart from my wonderful wife and mad as hell daughter, is madness and chaos haha. I love craziness and excitement.

Love motorsport right from Nascar and F1 through to Moto GP and BSB. I’m a biker and ride over 100 miles to and from work everyday and it’ll be a sad day for me when I have to get a car.

Love protests, I believe we should all stand up to inequality and follow what you believe in. We all share this astonishing and ever smaller planet, we should all have the same rights and abilities to defend it and each other. Shame on the world for standing by and watching Syria burn.

Love science and think truth is a better way to live than myth. I’m not saying anymore on that.

Love music, my life would be much poorer without the diverse way in which we humans use noise. I’m not someone who says “I love rock, or pop, or punk, or grime” I love anything that sounds great and original.

4 thoughts on “Love

  1. I’m not sure if I ‘liked’ your bio or the whole blog so I’ll just pop a note in here: ADORE your photos. Thanks for stopping by my page; your shots are stunning and I’m pleased I have the opportunity to see them!

    • thank you so much 🙂 it’s always nice when someone likes your work, wonder if I’ll get the same response from someone who’s in one of my shots lol. I try do blog most days so hopefully there’ll be more for you soon and in the future hopefully a book of the street photography 🙂

      • Since you make everyone look so good, I bet they’d love it even harder. My sister’s in the UK in November; you can bet I’ll be scrutinizing every face in detail that month!

  2. haha is she I’ll have to make sure I post everyone I shoot lol is she going to be in London? She will be pretty safe from my lens as there’s millions of people there although it would be great if I did randomly capture her 🙂

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