I graduated with a BA (hons) in Visual Communication from the Kent Institute of Art & Design (KIAD) in 2000 and from there went straight to Ibiza lol. Well after 3 years of partying it would of been strange to stop straight away.

When I came back to the real world I started working as a Graphic Designer at a local printers which gave me huge knowledge and understanding into how a print shop actually works and the limitations it can hold. After 4 years there I moved onto a Publishers which I loved and after another 4 years I became their Senior Designer. At this point I felt I needed to push myself a little further so joined a full service creative agency just in time for the recession to hit. Not my best move and after almost a year there was made redundant with most of my colleagues. But it turned out to be just the thing I required as I decided to go Freelance. I couldn’t recommend it more and after a couple of years one of my clients offered me a job I couldn’t turn down so here I am back heading up a creative agency – life is good.

As for my photography, like most people I have taken random pics most of my life but about 4 years ago I bought myself my first DSLR and have never looked back. My current employer is paying for me to go to college one day a week (I said it was a job offer I couldn’t turn down) especially to advance my skills and I am confident it will pay off and I will in the end saving them money being the in-house photographer. In the mean time it’s just about photographing and leaning as much as possible.

All photography on my blog are mine unless otherwise stated.

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