Street Photography Dagenham

Good old Dagenham, never short of interesting people to photograph including a cyclist cut up by a car driver who then thought it would be a good idea to stop the car and start an argument. Luckily for him the driver did not run him over. I really enjoy photographing in places like Dagenham, it makes a refreshing change from the usual Tunbridge Wells where I work 5 days a week and is normally my only place of opportunity, but unfortunately most people are like clones of each other there. Don’t get me wrong, TW is fine, but this is like it’s polar opposite and I enjoy that 🙂 Might have to make some more visits in the near future.

27th port 27th port2 27th port3 27th port4 27th port5 27th port6 27th port7 27th port8 27th port9 27th port10 27th port11 27th port12 27th port13 27th port14 27th port15 27th port16


6 thoughts on “Street Photography Dagenham

    • thank you 🙂 yeah the cyclist got a bit angry with the car driver. I kind of know how he feels sometimes as I’m a biker lol

    • haha yes well spotted 🙂 there was a little local Comic Con that day. There are two Stormtrooper in the background as well

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