Have been away from street photography for a bit too long so thought it’s about time I get back into it. most of my time has gone towards a new project but street photography needs to stay part of my life as I really miss it when I’m not shooting. Didn’t have much luck today, one lady had her flies undone which wash’t the reason I photographed her. I love capturing people on their phones, oblivious to the world around them, I find this modern phenomena fascinating as only a few years ago not many people had these devices and yet now they dominate our lives.

26th 26th2 26th3 26th4


2 thoughts on “Romford

  1. Interesting. I lived in that part of the world as a child so I’m always drawn to anything tagged Romford. I imagine the Romford of today is a far cry from the Romford of the 1960s.

    • There are loads of pictures on my blog from Romford, Brentwood, Harold Hill etc. Not sure what it was like in the 60’s as I’ve only been here for 4 years but I love it, a tad rough haha but all great 🙂

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