A walk from Southend

Decided as it was a lovely bright day outside to take another trip over to Southend and have a slow stroll down to Leigh on Sea. What I wasn’t prepared for however was walking with the weight I’ve put on over Xmas 😕 think more walking is defiantly on the cards for the future. Plus next time I’m out I must remember too bring my polarising filter as the sun was actually very very bright. Beautiful to walk in but causes a lot of problems when photographing, especially the “shooting from the hip” way that I am now used to. Another trip down there this week I think is in order, but may stay off the chips this time, or maybe not 🙂128th Dec_Port26

128th Dec_Port 128th Dec_Port2 128th Dec_Port3 128th Dec_Port4 128th Dec_Port5 128th Dec_Port6 128th Dec_Port7 128th Dec_Port8 128th Dec_Port9 128th Dec_Port10 128th Dec_Port11 128th Dec_Port12 128th Dec_Port13 128th Dec_Port14 128th Dec_Port15 128th Dec_Port16 128th Dec_Port17 128th Dec_Port18 128th Dec_Port19 128th Dec_Port20 128th Dec_Port21 128th Dec_Port22 128th Dec_Port23 128th Dec_Port24 128th Dec_Port25


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