Seems like ages ago

It seems like ages ago that I last managed to get out and do some street photography. But at last I’ve managed to get some shooting done but alas the weather is not being my friend at the moment. It’s so dark and the light is so flat, thankfully I shoot in RAW and there is photoshop to help bring out some of the darker information in the images. Have loads to go through so will be uploading lots over the next few days. Plus I may actually her able to get out of work and lunch and shoot some more, woohoo. PS, hope you’re all set for xmas if you celebrate, only a few days left 🙂

16.12.13_Port 16.12.13_Port2 16.12.13_Port3 16.12.13_Port4 16.12.13_Port5 16.12.13_Port6 16.12.13_Port7 16.12.13_Port8 16.12.13_Port9


2 thoughts on “Seems like ages ago

    • Thank you 🙂 Yes all of my street photography is ‘shot from the hip’. I’m normally at about 24mm, try to get as close as possible without people noticing. I was a bit unsure if i’d like it when I first started shooting like this but now I love it.

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