A different approach

Spent an hour or two at the Anonymous protest Operation Vendetta last night. Didn’t stay long as I felt dog rough 😕 But rather than doing my usual photojournalism I decided to do something a bit different and try to capture the mood and feel of a protest rather than just individual small moments that happen. To do this I dropped my shutter speed to create movement in the images. A protest is a bit chaotic, always moving, chanting, and can change in an instant so know one really knows whats happening. So that’s what I’ve tried to capture and have to say I am well chuffed with them. Not sure I’ll do this all the time but glad I tried something different.

protest_slow protest_slow2 protest_slow3 protest_slow5 protest_slow6 protest_slow8 protest_slow9 protest_slow11 protest_slow13 protest_slow16 protest_slow17 protest_slow18 protest_slow21 protest_slow22 protest_slow26 protest_slow28 protest_slow29 protest_slow30 protest_slow31 protest_slow35 protest_slow39 protest_slow41


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