Took a step back and didn’t like it

Decided first off to take a step back today and try a view the world in a different way and have to say I really didn’t enjoy it. My images felt cold to me which is a good thing because it’s telling me that the way I am shooting at the moment is correct for me at this time. There is something I find quite intimate about shooting at a wide angle of 24mm (this does change every now and again but mainly this is my default). Firstly you have to be pretty close before shooting, and secondly I love the distortion it causes. All photographs are a distortion of the truth, and this just adds to it.

18th Oct_Land 18th Oct_Land2 18th Oct_Land3 18th Oct_Land4 18th Oct_Port 18th Oct_Port2 18th Oct_Port3 18th Oct_Port4 18th Oct_Port5 18th Oct_Port6 18th Oct_Port7 18th Oct_Port8 18th Oct_Port9 18th Oct_Port10 18th Oct_Port11


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