Autofocus problems

Have been plagued today with autofocus problems. Yes I’m sorry to say I do use auto focus lol, bit hard to focus when your camera is by your hip but for some reason today it kept on missing the target. Maybe I was walking too fast, may it’s because it was overcast who knows. This has happened before and I know the camera needs an good service so I think now is the best time 😕 but how am I going to cope for a week or two with no camera ahhhh. I think I need help as I now don’t travel anywhere without it haha

1st Port 27 1st Port 211 1st Port 212 1st Port 213 1st Port 214 1st Port 215 1st Port 216 1st Port 217 1st Port 218 1st Port 219 1st Port 224 1st Port 225 1st Port 226 1st Port 227 1st Port 229


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