Need to slow down

Had many problems today, none more so than a lack of focus, I mean literally, the camera would not focus. Maybe it was because it had been out in the rain for two days and was having a tantrum but almost all my shots were off which is a bit strange. But the good thing was that it forced me to slow down and think about who, what and why I was photographing. The down side was that when I had taken that shot, it was more often than not, out of focus. Might take it to be looked at by a professional in the very near future as I’ve had it for over 3 years now and it get used A LOT, been in protests and riots, carried on my motorbike daily and been out in all weathers, so I think a little TLC is what it deserves.

16 Port_2 16 Port_22 16 Port_23 16 Port_24 16 Port_25 16 Port_26 16 Port_27 16 Port_28 16 Port_29 16 Port_210 16 Port_211


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