What a random day indeed

Had a day off today so decided to go to London and do some more street photography ‘shooting from the hip’ style. Well, talk about random, helped a guy off a bridge who was about to throw himself into the river and then spent a few hours in the pub with him, got caught in the rain and left soaking wet (thanks weather man for the heads up) almost got run over by a cyclist and just happened to notice how short women’s fashion is nowadays. That bit I’m not complaining about lol. Must of walked 15-20 miles today so absolutely shattered, more of the dame tomorrow I hope, only minus someone trying to jump of a bridge please 🙂

16 Land 16 Land2 16 Land3 16 Land7 16 Port 16 Port2 16 Port3 16 Port4 16 Port5 16 Port9 16 Port15 16 Port16 16 Port21


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