Focus focus focus

This is starting to become prolific now, whenever I’m out I have my camera at my side just so that I don’t miss a moment and regret not having my camera with me. It’s almost like a drug, think I may need help soon haha. I do seem to be one of those people who, when they pick a project, they throw themselves at it, but now I need to focus on what it is I’m trying to achieve and pick my shots more selectively, looking at situations ahead of me that might produce an interesting result. Today was a treat, a festival in Hornchurch, Essex. These events are typically British and a bit naff which is why I love them.

25 Land 25 Land2 25 Port 25 Port2 25 Port3 25 Port4 25 Port5 25 Port6 25 Port7 25 Port8 25 Port9


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