Street photography – too and from work

I’m starting to really enjoy my street photography at the moment but have now realised that I need to figure out exactly why I’m doing it. What am I trying to capture? why and I trying to capture it? could this become a little project like a small book? and if so, why? What am I trying to say about society? That we don’t take any notice of each other, living in the city, surrounded by thousands of people, can seem quite lonely at times. Or is it that we do notice each other but hold back? Ahh so many questions, maybe I should go and ask someone like Martin Parr why he does it 😕

08 Land 08 Land208 Land5 08 Land6 08 Port 08 Port2 08 Port3 08 Port4 08 Port5 08 Port6 08 Port7 08 Port8 08 Port9 08 Port10 08 Port1108 Port14 08 Port15 08 Port1608 Port19 08 Port20 08 Port21


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