Toys – the project so far :?

MOSHI MONSTERS9 MOSHI MONSTERS8 MOSHI MONSTERS7 MOSHI MONSTERS6 MOSHI MONSTERS5 MOSHI MONSTERS4 MOSHI MONSTERS3 MOSHI MONSTERS2 MOSHI MONSTERS MOSHI MONSTERS11 MOSHI MONSTERS12 MOSHI MONSTERS13 MOSHI MONSTERS14 MOSHI MONSTERS15 MOSHI MONSTERS16 MOSHI MONSTERS17 MOSHI MONSTERS18 MOSHI MONSTERS19 MOSHI MONSTERS20 MOSHI MONSTERS10To say I’ve become slightly obsessed with taking these pictures for my little project is an understatement haha. it is all for a book I’m putting together for my three year old daughter but lets be honest here, I think I’m getting more enjoyment out of it. There’s something about these little Moshi Monsters that throws me back to being like a child. Maybe it’s watching her play with them, having conversations with them, basically using the imagination of a child. I wonder where that goes when you become an adult? The ability to talk to an object like it’s perfectly normal.
With over 150 shots taken, I think it’s now about time I sorted them out and built the book, so come on PhotoBox, lets have one of your wonderful deals please as I have a book to make 🙂


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