MCM London Comic Con

Well, never been to one of these events before so I thought “what the hell” plus my other excuse was “my three year old daughter will love it” well, that was my excuse anyway haha. Had no idea what to expect and have to say was a bit dubious about it all but have to say what a cracking expo, t was like geek heaven and everyone was so excited to be there, plus the costumes blew me away. The time and dedication that some people must of put into them was astounding. Think I might of found myself another event I’m going to have to go back to, but this time just by myself so that I can relax and get some greatCOMICCON_LS photos COMICCON_LS2 COMICCON_LS3 COMICCON_LS4 COMICCON_LS5 COMICCON_LS6 COMICCON_LS7 COMICCON_LS8 COMICCON_LS9 COMICCON_PT COMICCON_PT2 COMICCON_PT3 COMICCON_PT4 COMICCON_PT6 COMICCON_PT7 COMICCON_PT8 COMICCON_PT9 COMICCON_PT13


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