Brands Hatch BSB season opener 2013

At last the season has started and about bloody time too, winter has been going forever, or at least it certainly feels like it. Almost didn’t make it today due to a wicked hangover but thankfully my lovely wife and daughter decided to drive me there 🙂 and I am so glad they did as it was epic.  Some great racing, clear skies, and you’ll never guess what, some sun, yes, some sun. Considering it was snowing on Friday, today (Sunday) was a complete turnaround with no jacket required woohoo may that continue.

It was a bit more difficult to take photos today what with my two year old daughter being there as well but the up side was that I actually watched some racing with my eyes and not through the lens.

0718_sm 0710_sm 079_sm 075_sm 074_sm 073_sm 072_sm 07_sm



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