British Superbikes pre season testing

Yay it’s almost that time again, Motorsport season 🙂 F1 has just started, Moto GP on 7th April, British Touring Car, DTM, NASCAR is in full swing but the best of the bunch, British Superbikes, is all gearing up for the start of another astonishing season.

Was lucky enough to be able to get to the pre season testing at Brands Hatch on the 19th March. Was looking like it might be another typically wet british day but thankfully the weather held off and it was quite dry. Plus with the added bonus of pit lane access it turned out to be a great day, and oh how I’ve missed the roaring noise of those bikes thundering past at near 180mph 🙂

Brands Hatch_1 Brands Hatch_2 Brands Hatch_3 Brands Hatch_4 Brands Hatch_5 Brands Hatch_6 Brands Hatch_7 Brands Hatch_8 Brands Hatch_9 Brands Hatch_10 Brands Hatch_11 Brands Hatch_12 Brands Hatch_13 Brands Hatch_14 Brands Hatch_15 Brands Hatch_16 Brands Hatch_17 Brands Hatch_18 Brands Hatch_19 Brands Hatch_20 Brands Hatch16


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