Erotic photoshoot (adult content)

These images are copyright to Marc Ayres, please do not use without my permission.

I decided it was about time I really tested myself so came up with the idea of doing an erotic photoshoot. Well, surprise surprise I totally loved it lol. Well, I guess what’s not to like, beautiful model and great location.

But the best thing of all is that it took me out of my comfort zone of photojournalism. With this I had to act professionally, think and construct my images and take my time with composition and light. The outcome of our 4 hr shoot has really impressed me. The time shot by so quickly so the first lesson learnt is to plan these shoots out to the ‘n’th degree so making maximum use of time available. Second lesson is to check the location you’re going to use first, there was some problems in that the space was quite tight so had to quite often resort to my wide angle lens, which was lucky I bought along :/

I’m so happy with this first shoot that I’m already planning my next, much to my wife’s enjoyment, umm.
Lexi_3 Lexi_4 Lexi_5 Lexi_6 Lexi_7 Lexi


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