Another day, another protest

Hundreds of thousands of people today marched through central London in a protest aimed at government’s austerity measures. But of course as with any protest nowadays, there is an underbelly of protesters who decide to join in and have their own fun, and why not. This group broke away from the main protest march and headed up towards Oxford Street but this time there really wasn’t enough of them to do any harm and other than rocking up to the front door of companies such as Starbucks and chanting “pay your taxes” nothing much really happened. But then I had to leave early (gutted) as I had prior engagements 😕  I’m sure the fun continued (continues) as I write this lol.

I’m not sure anymore what protests achieve, other than venting your frustrations at what’s making you angry, I’m pretty sure that the politicians just sit there and go “so what”


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