Olympic / Paralympic parade

Well it would seem no-one in the UK wanted this party to end. What an astonishing 4 weeks of games we’ve been given, and to think, many of us were the typical British cynic and thought it was going to be travel chaos, rubbish events and badly organised. How wrong we were, and trust me, I too was one of those cynics. I knew the athletes would give it their all and omg they did just that. I’m not sure what happened here in the UK, it’s been a bit of a rough few years, riots, recession, politicians stealing and the media scandal. There wasn’t really much to be proud of. But as I was in with the crowd of an estimated 1 million in the heart of London today to show our respect to all the athletes who took part, all I could see around me were beaming faces, big smiles, and a sea of union flags. I think for the first time in my life, I feel proud to be British, and so so lucky to of been able to go to so many events. Roll on Rio, I think I may need to start saving now to be able to afford the flight alone but i think it will be worth it.


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