paralympic 7-a-side football

Another cracking day of action in the Olympic Park. First of all was the 7-a-side football at the RiverBank Arena with Iran vs Russia. There was a rather large Iranian fan base there today but unfortunately for them the team lost 3-1 to the Russians who now finish top of Group A. Strangely enough for a Brit I’m not much of a football fan (shock horror I know) but I think over the last few years the Premiership has just lost a lot of it’s passion for me, especially as most if it is about money and not quality or love for the game. Today however was just brilliant I got totally swept up in the game. I chose to support Russia for no particular reason, and they go and win which is always nice 🙂


One thought on “paralympic 7-a-side football

  1. I was there on Saturday and saw a great goal by holland. Also saw brazil best team gb 3-0 but it was wonderful entertainment of skill and passion. Great to watch.

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