Red Squirrel Smile

Always nice to have a little Red Squirrel give you a little smile haha. Yes I know he’s not actually smiling at me, not in the sense that we humans smile, but it certainly makes me smile. haha. I wonder what it is with us humans about putting human emotions onto animals. We all know animals have emotions, after all, it’s well documented that Elephants mourn their dead. But I’m not sure this squirrel was so happy to see me, maybe just happy to be given a few treats to eat


One thought on “Red Squirrel Smile

  1. Lovely images – and great to see a red squirrel 🙂

    I swear every animal we have had – be it dogs, guinea pigs, snakes or others – have all had a different personality. And it’s nice to think they are not so different from us 🙂

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