Spiders ahhhhhhhh

Why oh why do I still freak out when i see a spider. They’re tiny, and lets face it, I’m not. At 37 years old I’m still scared of these things. it’s utterly pathetic. These 2 I stumbled upon recently. One was in the play ground my daughter was enjoying, the other on a wall in my house. I freaked like a pathetic fool at the sight of both. Anyone know how to overcome such a stupid phobia as I’m sick of it now. I can understand totally where Giger got his inspiration for the face hugger in Alien. Those spider legs and quick movement play quite sweetly into a common human phobia.



One thought on “Spiders ahhhhhhhh

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    To overcome fear of spiders, get educated about spiders. A little google and a little wikipedia will do. All spiders are venomous, but most are so small that they can’t do harm, and most can’t even penetrate human skin. The best way to overcome any phobia is to get logical about it. They are so tiny, you are so big, 99.9% of them can’t harm you. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to like them. You can hate them and be disgusted by them, but you shouldn’t be scared and hiperventilate when you see one.

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