Right, I’ve reached 37 years of age, vastly more than I ever thought possible way back when I was a scruffy 16 year old. But have I fulfilled all that I ever thought I could with all those years. The simple answer is “no” so now is the time to start. Each week I am going to set myself a small challenge, starting with maybe “putting that freekin chocolate bar down” and working up to the big stuff, like being able to hold a spider without fainting or throwing myself out of a plane (with a chute of course)

Life is so amazing, and there are so many amazing people in it, now it’s about time I set myself some goals because over the last 15 years I have become rather lazy, woohoo, time for change. First things first, need to get some more photos of the lovely fox that keeps coming into my garden and sleeping on the compost heap.


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